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Research team


Jean-Claude Le Mével
Contact: Jean-Claude Le Mével

Bâtiment 2bis (I3S) CHU Morvan - 5, Av. Foch
29609 Brest CEDEX

Research interest:

Neuropeptides play a critical role in the central control of cardiovascular and ventilatory activities and disturbances in the regulatory functions of brain peptides may have severe clinical consequences. However, only a few mammalian studies have focused on the concomitant physiological actions of neuropeptides on these vital cardio-respiratory regulations. Because both the central neuro-anatomical substrates that govern motor ventilatory and cardiovascular output and the primary sequence of regulatory peptides and their receptors have been mostly conserved through evolution, we have developed a trout model to study the central action of native neuropeptides on cardio-ventilatory regulation. For the PeReNe project we will investigate the effects of newly discovered fish or invertebrates neuropeptides (urotensin II, urotensin II-related peptides, crustacean cardioactive peptide ...) after intracerebroventricular injection within the brain or peripheral intra-arterial injection. In addition, we will also determine the central interactions between the active ingredient of the antidepressent Prozac TM, an endocrine disruptor present in aquatic environment, and the effects of neuropeptides.

The Trout Model
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