Chemistry and Drug Delivery, Medway School of Pharmacy (Kent)

Research team



Medway School of Pharmacy
The Universities of Greenwich and Kent at Medway
Anson Building
Central Avenue
Chatham Maritime

Research interest:

The principal investigator of the research team is Dr Alison Edwards who has a breadth of experience in the synthesis and conformational study of peptidomimetic systems (foldamers) as well as experience of hydrogel materials and a variety of medicinal chemistry projects. The scientific lead on the project is Dr Vladimir Gubala who has extensive research experience on the synthesis, characterisation and application of silica based nanoparticles which have included biomedical diagnostics and drug delivery of anti-tumour agents. The research team includes three other people: Dr Matthew Freddi, Mr Mohammed Momin, Mr Colin Moore. Matthew joined the team as the PeReNE funded research associate after completion of his PhD at the University of Nottingham; his work involved both hydrogels and nanoparticles for treatment of osteoarthritis. Mohammed is a research associate with extensive experience in the pharmaceutics. Colin joined the team as a PhD student in 2012 and is working on the synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles for drug delivery applications. We collaborate closely with Dr Helene Castel from Institute of Research and Biomedical Innovation at the University of Rouen and also Prof Ronan Bureau, University of Caen. Our work is based in the Chemistry and Drug Delivery group at the Medway School of Pharmacy which is conveniently located south of London in Kent and very close to Eurostar links. The school is a joint venture between the universities of Kent and Greenwich.

From left to right : Mohammed Momin, Matthew Freddi, Vladimir Gubala, Colin Moore, Alison Edwards
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