Plate-Forme RĂ©gionale de Recherche en Imagerie Cellulaire de Haute-Normandie


Core facility


Contact: Ludovic GALAS

University of Rouen
Place E. Blondel

Research interest:

PRIMACEN encompasses 6 core-facilities covering the field of cellular imaging from the synthesis of biomarkers and sample preparation to the localization and the determination of biological activity of molecules of interest. The specific offers of each facility include the following applications, synthesis of peptides and biomarkers, screening of bioactive compounds, wide-field microscopy and autoradiography, confocal microscopy and videomicroscopy, electron microscopy, microdissection and real-time PCR. The objective of PRIMACEN is to develop and provide support, in the broad field of cell imaging, to a wide range of investigators from various disciplines. PRIMACEN provides support to investigators for training, data acquisition and image analysis.

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A video clip promoting the PRIMACEN platform has been developped to promote the facilities of PRIMACEN on Internet and for lay public exhibitions.
The video was created by Jean-Philippe LE SAINT with the help of Alexis LEBON and Yacine NEKROUF together with the support of all members of PRIMACEN.

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